Tell A Tale Children's Storytelling Competition aims to promote biliteracy and trilingualism among primary school students of Hong Kong in a fun and interactive manner. It amalgamates the art of story writing and storytelling with language-based oratory skills.

The project is specially designed for local primary school children to enable them to gain confidence in reading, writing, comprehension and oratory skills in English. Cantonese and Putonghua through a multi-tiered storytelling competition. Throughout the competition the students would have opportunities to hone their language skills, demonstrate their language proficiency and garner their public-speaking and story writing confidence.

The objective encapsulates the following aims:

  • Encourage students to articulate and extend their language learning ability;
  • Motivate them to express their thoughts in writing;
  • Develop self-confidence and public speaking skills among the students;
  • Enhance fluency in speaking and comprehension of language-based texts;
  • Inspire students to adopt creative ways in speech delivery and linguistic expressions; and
  • Enable students to demonstrate their trilingual oratory skills to a wider audience.


Teacup Productions is a not-for-profit performing arts enterprise. To promote social and cultural harmony and integration, Teacup Productions and its members have been engaged in various English-language activities including theatre performances, children's drama workshops, community radio production, etc.


Teacher’s Online Orientation Workshop


Online Story Writing Workshop


Preliminary Round- Story Writing Competition

15/12/2021- 15/02/2022

Preliminary Round Result


Online Storytelling Workshop

07/03/2022- 15/04/2022

Qualifier Round- Storytelling Competition- Studio Recording

25/03/2021- 14/05/2022

Qualifier Round Result


Final Round & Awards Ceremony